Paige Taylor

One of the things I have found particularly helpful about this program is that it has helped me think more about what my audience needs from my communication. The program has given me a specific framework for thinking about their needs, and has provided me with a very useful structure to communicate key points in […]


This was the best course I have done. I was always confident in my reasoning but not as confident with presenting it, particularly to audiences that were not on my wavelength. Davina has shown me how to organise my high-level messages which gets me a better response from my audiences. In fact, when I used […]

Michaela Flanagan

The Clarity First Coaching Program was incredibly useful for me as it has provided a framework through which I am able to structure my initial thoughts quickly and easily. I have always been ok at delivering communications but the tools Davina has taught me will not only make the communications clearer and more concise but […]

Tom Connolly

The program has helped me see the value of putting my main point first rather than always taking my audience on a journey through the data. Previously I would want to explain the background in some detail first to be sure that my audience knew where I was coming from, but since turning it around […]