Helping technical experts get greater cut through in their communication

I grew up on a farm in rural Australia knowing that ‘anything was possible' while not being quite sure what anything ‘was'.

I saw my parents build a business from nothing and was part of that process. I saw how small business worked, what it was like to be an employer (and an employee) and got to know people from all walks of life who worked with us during shearing or potato harvest. It was a terrific way to grow up and a terrific foundation for a career in business.

In my mid-20s, I headed overseas with my husband to learn a bit more about, well, anything. And learn I did.

The pivotal lesson occurred when reading the South China Morning Post and my husband handed me a job advertisement. McKinsey was looking for a communication specialist in their Hong Kong office. At that point, I had no idea what McKinsey was – or what they did.

But I liked the sound of the job and was unhappy in my current role so went for it. To my surprise and delight got I the job, which taught me a lot about ‘what anything was'. Since joining The Firm 20+ years ago to specialise in structured thinking and The Minto Pyramid Principle® I have loved continuing that learning journey.

I continue to love helping professionals who want their communication to have greater cut through. Here are some examples of challenges I have undertaken recently:

Helped a wide range of professionals, often from technical disciplines, get to the right point so they can have greater influence in business. I

  • Helped a regional CEO think through his pitch to persuade the global board that he should take on the role as global CEO of a niche technology company
  • Designed and delivered blended learning programs to help analysts from a series of Chief Data Offices from some of Australia's largest companies to communicate with insight
  • Supported the partners from the Australian arm of a top-tier, global management consulting firm as they reinvigorated their consultants' core structured problem solving and communication skills
  • Helped numerous professionals from many disciplines clarify their thinking so they can communicate clearly, whether that be in team meetings, one-on-one conversations or in more high-stakes situations. My team and I serve 15 out of the top ASX20 companies.
  • Taught MBA students at two of Australia's top business schools a powerful five-step approach to thinking and communicating clearly

Built my own business and leadership skills by:

  • Forming and leading a team of nine structured thinking experts under the Clarity Thought Partners banner
  • Designing and delivering powerful online courses under the Clarity First Program banner
  • Writing a book, The So What Strategy, with my colleague Gerard Castles that helps business people answer the most uncomfortable question in business.

Email me if you would like to learn more about how I can help you.