What is your Early Bird offer?


  • Core program described below
  • A 1-1 coaching session with me to further a piece of your own work
  • Friday Five ‘make it stick’ program (six emails, each with a video and a challenge that you can keep forever)
  • Early access to The So What Strategy

Also includes an opportunity to book an extra coaching session at $300, rather than the usual $600

The program investment is $1,950 (plus 10% GST for Australians). This includes (at a minimum)

  1. Participation in the online program, which includes
    1. A substantial learning journal with notes for the whole program, which I will mail to you
    2. 6 x 1.5 hour group coaching calls where I share answers to the exercises, test your knowledge and introduce new content
    3. 6 x Live Q&A Calls (I will be there for a minimum of 30 minutes and stay longer if there are lots of questions)
    4. Practical exercises to complete for each module
    5. Email feedback on a piece of communication of your choice
    6. Lifetime access to the online modules and the private Facebook group
  2. Access to 12 online learning modules organised in six, two-week learning blocks plus bonus modules
  3. A substantial learning journal for keeping notes and recording your progress, which I will mail to you
  4. A copy of my new book, The So What Strategy

Note: you may be able to claim the costs of this program against your tax or be able to obtain reimbursement for some or all of the program from your employer. Many organisations have an education budget for promising emerging leaders: ask your HR team if you qualify.

You may also qualify for Continuing Education Points from your professional association: participants have in the past qualified.

Click here to download a brochure.