What are the benefits of doing the program?

Learning to think strategically about your communication delivers many benefits to you and your organisation. Here are two that stand out:

You will spend less time preparing better quality communication

You will know how to use a powerful, proven and universal three-step framework that enables you to clarify your thinking before you communicate in any business context, which will

  • Reduce the time you spend reworking multiple drafts of your communication before your leaders endorse it
  • Cut the number of clarification questions you receive from your audiences that slow down progress
  • Speed up your ability to ‘get things done' as business audiences respond more quickly to your communication
  • Increase your chance of being promoted as you become visible for the right reasons

You will have a universal approach for thinking through most business communication

Once you master it, you will be able to distill your ideas down to one major insight that is supported by a small number of logically organised ideas. This is useful in many contexts, such as

  • Preparing for 1-1 conversations
  • Meetings and team huddles (one client told me she cut her meetings in half by putting the concepts I taught her into practice)
  • Formal emails (you will write fewer, shorter emails)
  • Written and PowerPoint communication (most likely fewer, shorter Word and PowerPoint documents too)

But don't take my word for it. Listen to past participants to hear what they have to say here.