How much work is involved?

Participants invest about 20 hours of active learning over three months while also practicing their new skills at work.

Here is a breakdown:

    1. Preparatory Live Group Q&A Call (approximately 30 minutes, depending on the group).
    2. Core modules from our Clarity Concepts online course, which take about 5 hours to complete in small chunks in your own time
    3. Six, fortnightly online Clarity Calls over 3 months: Each session is 90 minutes (9 hours total)
    4. Six, fortnightly Live Q&A Calls over 3 months: each call takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the number of questions being asked.
    5. Exercises: About 15 minutes per week
    6. Facebook interaction: up to you. After the formal program concludes, you can continue to enjoy the Facebook group conversation.

Participants tell me they quickly ‘get back' the time invested as they answer fewer clarification questions, fight fewer mis-fires and have a familiar and universal process to use when preparing their communication.

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