How do you manage confidentiality?

I offer every participant a legally binding confidentiality agreement that explains that I will treat your material with the utmost respect. I have confidentiality agreements in place with leaders of many of Australia’s largest organisations and would treat your material with the same degree of respect that they require. If your organisation would like me […]

How much work is involved?

Participants invest about 20 hours of active learning over three months while also practicing their new skills at work. Here is a breakdown: Preparatory Live Group Q&A Call (approximately 30 minutes, depending on the group). Core modules from our Clarity Concepts online course, which take about 5 hours to complete in small chunks in your own time […]

What are the benefits of doing the program?

Learning to think strategically about your communication delivers many benefits to you and your organisation. Here are two that stand out: You will spend less time preparing better quality communication You will know how to use a powerful, proven and universal three-step framework that enables you to clarify your thinking before you communicate in any […]

How many people have you helped learn this approach?

Thousands! I have been designing and facilitating learning programs intensely for the last 10 years for a wide range of organisations mainly in Australia, but also overseas. This has involved helping people across almost all industry sectors in the following business areas: Accounting and Finance Consulting (all kinds) Human Resources IT Marketing Operations Project Management […]

Who is this program for?

This program is for executives of all levels who have a technical background and need to communicate with greater impact. Examples include Business leaders who need their ideas to gain greater traction faster and with less rework Analysts who frequently write reports Team leaders who need to update their leaders, Steering Committees, technical forums and […]